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Oceanus 2 is Seatricity’s second generation wave energy device. In the simplest terms, a float travels up and down with the waves and operates a pump to pressurise sea water which is then piped ashore. Electrical generation and other vulnerable components are sited ashore where they are accessible and protected from the ravages of the marine environment. Many individual Oceanus devices can be connected together in arrays to produce substantial amounts of pressurised water. Our patented pump is a self latching double acting hydraulic pump point absorber. This means it retracts to the lowest point of the wave trough before pumping. This can be seen in the video below, which shows the Oceanus 2 device in action at Wave Hub.




Seatricity's Oceanus devices pressurise seawater to hydraulic pressures using the action of the waves. This pressurised water can be fed directly to a desalination system thereby eliminating the need for large amounts of expensive and polluting fossil fuel generated electricity to drive pumps. Another advantage is that we are extracting the seawater some distance offshore where it is relatively clean and requires little pre-filtration before it enters the Reverse Osmosis membranes.



Seatricity’s Oceanus 2 technology is a result of 7 years of development in Antigua and Scotland. The Oceanus 2 device has a capacity of 162kW, and is currently undergoing sea trials at Wave Hub off the north coast of Cornwall.



    1. Power capture even from calm seas.
    2. Simple design with only one moving part.
    3. Inexpensive to manufacture from readily available components and easy to service.
    4. Proven service life of many years.
    5. No springs, weights, pulleys, gearboxes or other rotating machinery, all of which have a limited life in a marine environment.
    6. No electrical equipment of any kind is used at sea (less standard solar powered lanterns used for maritime marking purposes.)
    7. System control is located onshore with no electrical connection to the units.



High pressure pipelines for exporting pressurised water to generation station ashore or for connecting other Oceanus devices in arrays.

Device float manufactured from marine grade aluminium.

Active and passive maritime markings for collision avoidance, including AIS, Navigation lights, GPS tracking, and retro reflective coatings.

Seatricity’s proprietary and patented self latching sea water pump.