May 7, 2016 News, Press Release

Our redeployment clock is now ticking. Actually, the only significant factor now constraining our ability to redeploy the Oceanus 2 device to Cornwall’s Wave Hub test site is the weather. At the first opportunity our plans are to tow the Oceanus from its temporary berth within the Port of Truro on the River Fal, around Lands End, recover and survey the moorings infrastructure laid during previous deployments, repair anything that might have been damaged since the Oceanus 2 was last on site, and then re-attach the device to its moorings for another trial period. During that time we plan to measure performance data for comparison with our existing models, reinforce our confidence in the longevity of key components and to collect other relevant data.

The precise length of this next deployment will depend upon a number of factors and will be the subject of a new Berthing Agreement with Wave Hub under their new ownership by Cornwall Council. We hope that this more localised focus will benefit Wave Hub, the wider wave energy developer community and, of course, Seatricity’s plans to demonstrate the Oceanus 2’s potential to a wider market; thus simultaneously encouraging investment for expansion towards a home grown commercial generating array and demonstrating the device’s inherent capacity for the carbon free, low impact generation of electricity or production of fresh water by reverse osmosis around the world.

Updates on our re-deployment activities and progress will be promulgated initially on Twitter and then by updates to this website.