January 14, 2010 History

eatricity is proud that its patent covering the Oceanus sea water pump technology has been published and granted having been filed back in 2008. The patent covers the unique architecture and operation of the pump as part of a Wave Energy Converter system. The patents have been granted in the following terratories, including but not limited to: the EU, the USA, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Brazil, South Africa, and all other countries with wave resource.

The granting of these patents is a milestone in development that began in 2007 and is continuing to this day. From here Seatricity is trialling the technology in the real world environment with deployments at Ocean test sites, and intends to develop a portfolio of technology patents that cover innovations that support the integration, installation manufacture and operation of the Oceanus technology in planned future array deployments.