August 1, 2014 News, Video

ceanus 2 is now in operation at Wave Hub producing pressurised water which is being remotely monitored for pressure and flow data, along with environmental parameters. This data, along with historical ocean conditions, will allow us to build up an accurate model of year round energy production of an array.

The short video above shows Oceanus 2 in operation on the Wave Hub site. The vertical shaft in the centre of the buoy is the top of the seawater pump power take off and you can observe its relative motion as the waves pass and the buoy partially submerges. This action is generating hydraulic power which we then convert to electricity. The sea conditions are obviously slight with wave heights approx. 0.6m. The device is generating an average of 35KW of power during this time.


t has long been recognised by Seatricity that, in order to ensure economic viability, our wave energy converter devices must be able to generate in these smaller waves which exist for the majority of the time. In larger waves of 2.5m+ each Oceanus 2 device captures 160KW of power which is sufficient for the average needs of 160 UK homes. Arrays of devices can capture enormous amounts of power.