July 24, 2015 News, Press Release, Video

eatricity had an eventful week 13-17th July testing the Oceanus technology in the Beaufort Wave Basin of the Hydraulics and Marine Research Centre at the University of Cork. The week was supported by the MARINET FP7 programme – a European Community – Research Infrastructure Action under the FP7 “Capacities” Specific Programme.


uring the week a number of load cases were tested including float motions, mooring loads and power output. A 1:40 scale model of the Oceanus 2 was printed with support from 3DKernow and was put to good use. It gave a very accurate representation of the full scale device for tests involving form specific float drag and heave response. This included a submerged test designed to define tether peak loading when the Oceanus pump is locked down in “survival” mode, with scale waves of 6.5m Hs being tested.


new design of WEC float was also tested in conjunction with the existing scale PTO prototype from Antigua. The float design is for a small desalination device, the focus being on deployability, with the full scale floats able to fit into a standard ISO shipping container. The power data obtained from this model will allow us to compare the energy capture of the new float design against the potential cost saving of an easily ship able device.

IMG_9890 IMG_9858

he opportunity was also taken whilst in Cork to visit the UCCs new Beaufort building in Ringaskiddy which had been opened the same week by Enda Kelly the Prime Minister of Ireland. The building will be active in the next few months, and features at very large wave basin that will be a great resource for wave energy developers allowing models of up to 1:4 scale.

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e would once again like to thank the EU Commission and the MARINET FP7 programme, along with the staff at UCC and the HMRC for making the weeks testing possible. Also thanks must go to 3DKernow and Steve Cox for production of the rapid prototyped Oceanus 2 model.


Please click this link to download our press release: Seatricity_PressRelease_MARINETTesting_DSS_1507242.pdf