May 3, 2014 News

evern Subsea Technologies (SST) has designed and manufactured a control and data acquisition system for the Oceanus 2 device that will be installed at Wave Hub this summer. The systems are mounted on the buoy and transmit via radio link to a shore-based location at the St Ives Coast Watch Facility. The unit can then be controlled through and internet based interface, and data streamed in real time, along with high resolution daily downloads. Mechanically, the telemetry and control system comprises an electrically actuated control valve that can be modulated to vary the pumped water pressure with changes in the the wave climate.

Power for valve actuation, data acquisition and communications is provided by an array of PV solar cells and batteries, allowing 24 hour telemetry, and also powering the AIS tracing system. Communication with the shore is via a UHF radio modem link.