December 14, 2015 News

….but not a drop to drink’.

Although the majority of our efforts in 2015 have focussed on the production of electrical energy, we have not overlooked the extraordinary potential our Oceanus technology offers for the carbon free production of fresh water from seawater by desalination.    The price of potable water in many parts of the world is increasing to match that of fossil fuels.  In many areas without natural supplies, water is imported at great cost or produced locally by a filtration process know as ‘reverse osmosis’. Reverse osmosis plants consume vast amounts of energy. In many parts of the world this can only be generated by the importation and burning of fossil fuels.  The cost, and climate change implications arising from the transportation of water and/or carriage and combustion of fuel oils are self-evident.

Without modification, Seatricity Ltd’s Oceanus technology pumps seawater at high pressures sufficient for the efficient extraction of fresh water without the need for any additional power source.  A single Oceanus 2 device can produce as much as 400,000 litres of fresh water per day.   Smaller Oceanus devices can be rapidly deployed within a single standard shipping container for aid programmes and disaster relief.

It is widely acknowledged that three of the most significant strategic challenges facing our planet in the 21st century are cost efficient electrical power generation, production and distribution of fresh water and the reduction of carbon and its impact on climate change.  Seatricity’s Oceanus solutions concurrently and conveniently address them all.