February 7, 2011 History, Video

ollowing very severe winter stroms that have hit the EMEC Billia Croo wave test site with the full force of the North Atlantic, Seatricity’s diminutive wave energy conversion devices have proven their survivability mechanism. As can be seen in the above video, shot as the device was in a survivability test state, the floats of the device will fully submerge in large waves allowing the immense energy of storm waves to flow over and through the device rather than being absorbed by the structure.

Survivability was proven in waves up to 15 metres. The device was left on site during a severe winter storm which generated waves measured at 19.6 metres which is close to the expected 100 year return period maximum wave height for the EMEC site.

Bob Tillotson, Seatricity Technical Director

hoy kirkwall

The winter storms have battered Orkney and North Scotland causing havoc onshore and offshore. Infrastructure has been destroyed or disabled all over the main island and Hoy, with the Oceanus array remaining at sea throughout the period.