February 14, 2014 News

ioneering wave energy developer Seatricity is celebrating the start of constructing its new Oceanus 2 device with leading marine fabricator A&P Falmouth following the highly successful testing of its Oceanus 1 prototypes.

Seatricity’s MD, Peter Mitchell, joined A&P’s Renewable Energy Technical Manager, Paul Weston, above, at A&P’s Falmouth workshops to toast the first fabrication of this new generation of wave energy devices which will soon be undergoing sea trials at Cornwall’s Wave Hub.

“The start of Oceanus 2 production marks what we believe to be a new dawn for wave energy.
“Up to now wave devices have often been overshadowed by other renewables.
“However, the outstanding results and survivability we have achieved with our prototypes in very harsh conditions at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) have demonstrated the practicality of our devices making a real contribution to renewable electricity – not only in the UK, but in many other countries as well.
“We are very excited to be here at the beginning of this final leg in our journey!”

Peter Mitchell, Managing Director Seatricity

“We are delighted to start the construction of Seatricity’s Oceanus 2 devices.
“In doing so we are bringing together our extensive knowledge and fabrication skills at A&P to provide a unique service which clearly demonstrates the value of our in-depth experience in marine engineering.
“It also demonstrates how important Cornwall is becoming in the supply chain to this relatively young, yet very important, new industry of renewable wave energy.”

Paul Weston, A&P Falmouth Renewable Energy Technical Manager

The first Oceanus 2 devices are due in the water in the spring of this year at the Wave Hub offshore renewable energy test facility site ten miles off the coast at Hayle.

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