January 17, 2017 History, Scotland

Seatricity Scotland remains a separate company from Seatricity Ltd based in Cornwall.  Nevertheless, as a service, we have been asked to publish Seatricity Scotland’s plans for potential decommissioning of legacy infrastructure at EMEC’s Billia Croo test site.  It should be emphasised that these plans are to fulfil Seatricity Scotland’s obligations to DECC and Marine Scotland.  Subject to funding and regularoty approvals, Seatricity Scotland’s ambition remains to re-use legacy infrastructure (predominantly benign concrete mooring blocks laid on the seabed) rather than have to decommission it prematurely and cause unnecessary disturbance to the marine habitats they now host.

A draft decommissioning proposal can be found at 20161227 P380 Seatricity Scotland Draft Decommissioning Analysis